Chimurenga Library
Chimurenga Library is an online resource that gathers African cultural and political magazines. 
The South African magazine Chimurenga has recently conceived this archival project, providing an online platform where everybody can join. The project aims at researching and giving visibility to African publications that have shaped ideas, ideologies and identities both within and without the continent. Each publication is described through an essential biography and meta-works, such as texts, essays and videos produced by artists and writers who have contributed to these publications or have been particularly influenced by them. In the meanwhile, the contents of Chimurenga Library are migrating to Wikipedia, where everybody is invited to participate.

For a complete list of the revues that have been selected check WikiAfrica project on Wikipedia. Chimurenga Library and Wikipedia can then become platforms were African cultures and histories can be shared and shaped.

Listen to the interview by Iolanda Pensa on Chimurenga Library and browse the documentation on the African revues presented during Festivaletteratura of Mantova 2008.
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