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Turning the pages of 02 AtWork_Abidjan 2013
December 06, 2013
Turning the pages of 02 AtWork_Abidjan 2013
Page after page, AtWork reaches Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast, for the second chapter of the project presented by lettera27 and Fondation Donwahi pour l'Art Contemporain. From 13 December 2013 to 1 February 2014 the headquarters of Fondation Donwahi hosts the digital exhibition of artists’ notebooks in an interactive set-up, that was designed especially for the occasion, that allows visitors to use tablets to browse the works that were donated by 63 artists to support lettera27 and which have become part of the collection of works of art in a notebook. It is a collection that takes on different forms that reflect the complexity of contemporary artistic research and grows through new contributions. Simon Allen, Carlo Fei, Marcus Neustetter, Virginia Ryan, Fally Sene Sow, Angelo Sarleti, Enrico Tealdi are the seven new artists to have taken part in the project during the course of 2013.

As with the previous chapter, that was organised in Dakar by lettera27 and Ker Thiossane, this chapter is also comprised by various parts: the physical exhibition on the tablets is accompanied by the permanent online exhibition – that is at once an exhibition and a device for the circulation of knowledge and the works using a CC BY_SA licence – and from the works produced by artists, creative individuals and designers who took part in a workshop that was organised in April by Fondation Donwahi during the course of the project and conducted by the artist Jems Robert Ko Ko Bi. He is an emerging name in Ivorian contemporary art and his work has been featured on numerous occasions at the Dakar Biennale as well as other international appointments. During the workshop participants had free rein over their own notebooks, starting from a reflection on matters such as the creative process, free licences and the issue “my identity and my story”. “’Art, seen as a construction of images-metaphors of the charter of knowledge, was used by Koko Bi to offer the opportunity to get to know one’s culture and history, reflect on one’s identity in order to ‘re-invent’ it rather than ‘re-appropriate’ it”.

Through the three forms – the physical exhibition in loco, the online exhibition and the workshop – the format of each chapter of AtWork feeds on the direct experience of the people producing it in its various locations and thus becomes an instrument that doesn’t just offer a pre-established story but instead develops a dynamic interaction with the public. The relation between the collection of notebooks – that are exhibited on digital tablets – and the results of the various workshops offers a new model for exhibitions, that allows you to enter a sort of analytical adventure.

02 AtWork_Abidjan 2013, that is curated by Katia Anguelova with the collaboration of Simon Njami, the project’s advisor, stems from a “dialogue” between lettera27 and the Donwahi Foundation and the support of Orange Abidjan. AtWork is produced thanks to Moleskine, that supports lettera27 and its projects, and thanks to the support of all the artists who donated their notebooks and those who took part in the workshops organised for every leg.
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