Mobile A2K
Mobile A2K - Mobile Access to Knowledge is a project launched in 2009 to support the development of innovative tools for education and promote the creation of content on urban transformation. 2012 marked the start of the second phase, entitled Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa - an international research project based on interdisciplinary and comparative methodologies. Mobile A2K Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa is coordinated by SUPSI – the Italian Language University of Switzerland - conceived and supported by lettera27 and realised thanks to the co-financing of SNIS - Swiss Network for International Studies.

How Mobile A2K works
A project on the move. Mobile like mobile phones, the most widespread technological objects in Africa. Mobile like the tools produced: learning units which can travel and be replicated, modules which can be adapted and used in many different settings. Mobile A2K supports the building and sharing of resources, encourages the creation of networks among participants, sharing of content, and increased participation. Mobile A2K facilitates the creation of interfaces, new and innovative ways to produce, organize and access knowledge within the field of education.

The Mobile A2K project is supported by lettera27 in collaboration with three African organisations: Chimurenga (Cape Town, South Africa), Doual’Art (Douala, Cameroon), and Kër Thiossane (Dakar, Senegal)

What Mobile A2K does
The project supports learning units which have been designed and developed by the partnering African associations:

- Chimurenga Chronicle: Chimurenga will present the monographic issue entitled Chronicle, “a speculative,future-forward newspaper that travels back in time to re-imagine the present”. Back-dated to May 18-24 2008, it reports on the first week of the xenophobic violence in South Africa

- Pedagogical Suitcase: a technological toolkit to learn how to create interactive works, created by Kër Thiossane

- Douala Ville d'Art et d'Historie: a digital and analog map of Douala, accessible via mobile phone, created by Doual’Art
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