AtWork is a project which starts from a collection of ‘artist notebooks’, unique pieces of work created by different artists on Moleskine notebooks and donated to lettera27 to help support its activities. The collection reflects the variety, wealth and complexity of contemporary art and, starting from an online exhibition, it transforms into a working tool. 

Using its collection of notebooks, AtWork allows the artworks to circulate with a new free and shared user licence (CC BY-SA), while experimenting with new touring exhibition formats, promoting critical debate in various art contexts and organising workshops with local communities. 
Ashoka Changemaker Schools
Ashoka Changemaker SchoolsFor 30 years, Ashoka has been building a network of 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs around the globe, bringing systemic change for the good of all in every area of need. Being at the center of this network provides Ashoka a deep understanding of the key levers for bringing about structural social change in society, across industries and sectors. They then align the key players in collaborative entrepreneurship to accelerate that change.

 Confini is a project which began in 2008 that aims to collect and circulate stories, memories and testimonies on migratory processes and their outcome.

In 2012 Confini increased and modified its structure by creating the Archive of Migrant Memories Association (AMM).
the director's eye
 the director's eye was created with the aim of supporting the authors of African cinema, throughout some of the most important phases in the development and production of a film.

The pilot edition of the project took place in 2012, in collaboration with the Festival de Cinema Africano de Cordoba and the co-production forum Africa Produce.

Through the creation of a 25,000 euro fund dedicated to the best screenplays (presented during the 5 days of the forum Africa Produce 2012), the director's eye aims to support emerging talents throughout the creation and development processes of original stories for the big screen.
Detour/myDetourDetour and myDetour support lettera27.

Detour is a Moleskine project devoted to culture and creativity. The travelling group-show features internationally acclaimed artists, architects, film directors, graphic designers, illustrators, and writers. 

is a Moleskine travelling exhibition dedicated to everyone who loves to paint, take photos, illustrate, write, and be creative. myDetour runs alongside the Detour Exhibitions.
Luoghi Comuni
Luoghi Comuni'Luoghi Comuni – little migrating stories' is a project that intends to conceive and narrate a new collective story in a world which is becoming increasingly nomadic and mixed.
Through the words of Italians and migrants, children and adults, the project documents the production of sense and culture which stems from the coexistence of different models, knowledge and lifestyles. It does this by experimenting with places and languages which are able to draw a wide audience and create a sense of involvement and empathy: with posters on public transport, videos shot in schools and video interviews with directors during festivals dedicated to African and world cinema.

 WikiAfrica is a project designed to Africanize Wikipedia through networking, researches, projects, publications, and events. WikiAfrica contributes both online and offline to Wikimedia projects with texts, quotes, images, audio and video files.

WikiAfrica facilitates access to information, while encouraging knowledge sharing and archiving. WikiAfrica considers Wikipedia and Wikimedia as an extended international forum, capable of giving Africa a voice and visibility. As a Malian proverb recites, “La Palabre is precious, because in the afterlife there is none.&rdquo The proverb suggests the importance of dialogue, verbal exchange, socialization, and mediation. In this vein, WikiAfrica wishes to expand the content available online on the African continent.
Mobile A2K
Mobile A2KMobile A2K - Mobile Access to Knowledge is a project launched in 2009 to support the development of innovative tools for education and promote the creation of content on urban transformation. 2012 marked the start of the second phase, entitled Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa - an international research project based on interdisciplinary and comparative methodologies. Mobile A2K Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa is coordinated by SUPSI – the Italian Language University of Switzerland - conceived and supported by lettera27 and realised thanks to the co-financing of SNIS - Swiss Network for International Studies.

A project on the move. Mobile like mobile phones, the most widespread technological objects in Africa. Mobile like the tools produced: learning units which can travel and be replicated, modules which can be adapted and used in many different settings.

Mobile A2K supports the building and sharing of resources, encourages the creation of networks among participants, sharing of content, and increased participation. Mobile A2K facilitates the creation of interfaces, new and innovative ways to produce, organize and access knowledge within the field of education.
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