executive board
Roberto Di Puma
Roberto di Puma is director of Promemoria, a marketing and project management agency dedicated to the development of Moleskine products. He has experience as an administrator and director in various fields: travel, publishing and museum merchandising. He is promoter, treasurer and fundraiser of lettera27.

Francesco Franceschi
President of the lettera27 Onlus Foundation. Before this position, he had conceived and developed Parole di cotone, specializing in transferring signs of identity onto objects of everyday consumption, transforming the latter into innovative instruments of communication. Entrepreneur of Modo&Modo Spa and publisher of Moleskine. He is now taking on the challenge of transforming the experience of a for-profit social network into a non-profit channel of solidarity.

Tania Gianesin
Start-up Coordinator of the Foundation. A corporate organization and planning consultant for cultural projects and operations that focus on access to knowledge (education, communication, art, design), social and cultural innovation on an international scale, with hybrid and multifunctional characteristics.

Maria Sebregondi
Vice President and promoter of the Tower of Babel Project. Strategic communication and product concept consultant, she works with words in various areas: copywriting, publishing, literary translation, and magazines. She is the author of social and anthropological essays for Electa’s industrial design series. She has taught in public and private universities (writing and communications courses, courses in the sociology of fashion and trends, education of creatives). Member of OPLEPO, Opificio di Letteratura Potenziale (Manufactory of Potential Literature).

Alessandro Triulzi
Professor of African History at "Orientale" University in Naples. He is member of AEGIS scientific committee (Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies) and coordinates the AEGIS Summer School for African Studies in Cortona. His researches range from the history of Western Ethiopia and colonial photography, to memoirs on violence and rewriting of the post-colonial nation. He has participated to WikiAfrica editions of Festivaletteratura di Mantovaduring from 2007 to 2009. For lettera27, is curator of 'Confini/Borders' in collaboration with Asinitas association in Rome.
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