Memory is a serious fiction

Simon Njami, lettera27 advisor

Awaiting, 2013, Serge Attukwei Clottey, courtesy of the artist
About us

lettera27 is the 27th letter of the alphabet, the missing letter, the letter yet to be, the hybrid sign, the empty box…

lettera27 is a non-profit foundation created in July 2006. Its mission is to support the right to literacy and education, and to promote access to knowledge and information, with a specific focus on Africa and its diaspora.
The foundation raises funds to support and promote a wide range of educational and research initiatives that rely on locally-based resources and organizations.

Areas of intervention
  • lettera27 considers art an important lever for knowledge, exploration and experimentation. It supports the creative process as an amplifier of awareness and encouragement of critical thinking. Culture, in its broadest sense, is its playing field.

    Art and culture for social transformation

  • The right to education is one of the basic human rights. But what kind of education? An education system unable to interpret and anticipate change becomes stagnant and inadequate, or even harmful.

    Innovative education

  • Almost an oxymoron in today's society, sustainable culture seems to be a fantasy or, at times, an ostentation. Many consider it a utopia. Despite everything, lettera27 has pursued this from its beginnings, investigating its potential and critical points, through debate

    Sustainable culture

What we do
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  • Initiative

    OSF – Open Society Foundations

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